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Preparatory - Rieter (Switzerland), Zinser (Germany) & Trutzschler (Germany) 
Ring Frames - LMW equipped with Auto Doffer 
Auto coners - Savio Polar, Italy 
H-Plant - Luwa 
Yarn Conditioning - Xorella

We are manufacturing Single Jersey / double Jersey / Two Thread Fleece / Three Thread Fleece and Rib Polyester Cotton blended and 100% knitted fabrics @ 12 ton per day.  We have Machines with the following configuration :

Mayer & Cie Relaknit Single Jersey Circular
30 inch dia and 28 Gauge with 24 Gauge conversion kit with lycra attachment 6 Nos.
Mayer & Cie Relaknit Single Jersey Open Width
30 inch dia and 28 Gauge with 24 Gauge conversion kit with lycra attachment 4 Nos.
Pillotelli Single Jersey Circular 34 inch dia and 28 Gauge with 24 Gauge conversion kit with lycra attachment 2 Nos.
Pillotelli Single Jersey Open Width 34 inch dia and 28 Gauge with 24 Gauge conversion kit with lycra attachment 4 Nos.
Pillotelli Three Thread Fleece 34 inch dia and 20 gauge 2 Nos.
Pillotelli Interlock 34 inch dia and 28 gauge with 24 Gauge conversion kit 2 Nos.
Pillotelli Rib 34 inch dia and 18 gauge with 20 Gauge conversion kit 4 Nos.



Thoroughly tested yarn is used for knitting on Mayer & Cie & Santoni / Pailung / Piloteli machines known for finest quality knits, wherein highest control over the Gsm & width of the fabric is achieved under stringent supervision of our technicians.

Processing Grey 

We offer complete Grey fabric solution with following state of art machines.

1.Grey slitter from Corino

2.Bag sewing m/c from BIANCO

3.Fabric reversing m/c two no from Cardwel


Dyeing Machines

Dyeing is done with State of the Art technology single rope / double rope Fongs (Hong Kong ) High Temperature High pressure Soft flow dyeing machine which enables high productivity & low energy consumption with low liquor ratio & low fabric &liquor friction.exhaustion, salt concentration & pH value so that all the parameters are correct as required.

Robust Pump and Nozzle design assures to achieve short dyeing cycle with low fiber to fiber and fibre to liquor friction which results in soft handling & thereafter low pilling fabric.

Dispensing along with Production control system manages the dye floor & dye kitchen equipped with Eliar recipe management that enhances the right first time dyeing level and completely eliminate manual errors. Also the fabric being dyed in both tubular & open width range takes care of all type of finishes required to meet our market requirement. Vessel capacity varies from 10kg to 1200kg which conveniently meets our buyer’s requirements of various order level.

Vessel sizes No. of Machine

Vessel sizes  No. of Machine
10Kgs 1
30Kgs 2
50kgs 1
120kgs 1
200kgs 1
300kgs 2
600kgs 2
800kgs 1
900kgs 1
1000kgs 1
1200kgs 1
Total 14


Processing Lab

Highly modernized dye lab assures the fastest delivery of lab dyeing with Spectrophotometer & Starlet Infrared lab dyeing m/c’s.

  1. Data Color  spectrophotometer     ---  Latest model 650 tm Complete color solution 
  2. Daelim  Starlet  ( 02 )                       ---  16pot Lab dyeing M/c -Equipped with dosing injector
  3. Eliar                                                  ---  Dispensing system consist of 120 bottles
  4. Macbeth ( Spectra lite )                   --- Shade matching cabinet
  5. Macbeth ( Judge)                            --- matching cabinet

Also, the Robolab & Autolab guarantees 100% right dye liquor preparation avoiding any chance of mismatch of shades.

Quality Assurance Lab

Further more, our quality assurance lab with all the state of art testing equipments from JAMES & HEAL (UK) ensures scrutiny of each & every quality parameters through following test responsible for ultimate product quality.

Inno  Wash ( Innolab ) To test fastness of various methods                   
Accudry To test shrinkage by tumble drying.
Perspirometer To test fastness to acid & alkali perspiration
Extensometer To test stretch & recovery property of elastane & normal fabric.
pH meter To test pH of the fabric
Crock meter (Innolab) To test rubbing fastness in dry as well wet condition
Washcator Washing machine handles various testing standards
Orbitor For pilling and snagging tester


Thereafter, intense care is taken while matching the colour, lot to lot with the help of fully automized colour, chemical & auxiliary dispensing system fully connected with the lab. The colour combination approved by the lab is then automatically transmitted to the production dispensing system with the help of our highly technical experts.

Finishing Range
The finishing of fabric is then done on state of the Art finishing range both Open width line and Tubular line from BIANCO (ITALY) AND EHWHA (KOREA)   LAFER ( Italy ) CORRINO ( Italy )



Thanks to BIANCO AND CORRINO technologies that give even padding of softener and performance finishes making the fabric of required quality.
Dogal - 04 technologies is used to avoid crease marks.

Relax drier ( FONGS ) of four chamber takes care of highest shrinkage controls right at the drying stage itself.

Highly effective compaction system, taken care of all shrinkage problems & assures shrinkage level well below 5% nearly in all fabric structure.Thanks to the felt compaction system that keeps the fabric structure soft and undisturbed.
Compactions with BIANCO & LAFER align the fabric loops in line and stretch the fabric evenly without forming any hard crease on the fabric.The leveling, steaming. and compacting calendar perfects the finishing of knitted fabrics in open width.
Its creates the mechanical prerequisites for the highest quality standards in wide-knitted fabrics, by ensuring the results of the prior shrinkage treatment and using controlled compressive shrinkage in a compacting calendar.


An accurate and auto sensing cutter align the fabric straight and cut the fabric neatly as per the slit line. Thanks to the highly sensitive sensor.

(8) chamber



(8) chamber

The fabric entry section of a two padder system along with Weft Straightener that correct weft bowing in fabric. Fulfills the vision of modern textile machinery engineering.

PLATINUM innovations in technology and machinery help to provide the highest standard of modern knitted fabric finishing. Thanks to EHWHA special features on its stenter that

  1. Assures no condensation, and eliminates the chances of drops on fabric.
  2. Controlled fabric guidance through   DETECTOR, upper & lower air flow control and position the fabric always at the middle and avoid sagging during stenter and thus facilitate the even heat setting all along the fabric.
  3. Thanks to   air nozzle system, where the fabric on the air streams and soft, voluminous hand and excellent residual shrinkage are achieved.
  4. The EHTEX-653 a stored program control system, latest software technology   fulfils almost every requirement, also production planning and production control.
  5. Thanks to split air system for individual, independently controlled temperature profile during the treatment process enable to deliver highest quality needs in surface coating process.



A Reverse Osmosis plant will deliver process water and assures to meet all norms of water standards for dyeing.

Thermax -Energy efficient boiler takes care of using natural energy resources and delivers highest quality of steam.

To complement the existing infrastructure Innovative Textiles  continuously works on new systems & technologies to keep abreast with global standards & expectation level.